Caulk is Critical!


Have you looked at the tile in your shower lately?  If not, take a close look.  If grout or caulk is discolored with mildew or missing caulk, you have some work to do. Picky buyers will turn up their nose and run.  First a good scrubbing on the tile and tub.  Let it dry.  Remove the caulk from around the tub.  When applying grout or caulk, it is a several days job.  By the way, it’s grout at the corner seams and around the tile and caulk on the lateral counter/tile to tub seams.  After application, you need to let it all dry for a minimum of 24 hours before showering.  If you don’t have patience, you will ruin your hard work.  Go around kitchen counters, bath tubs and showers. Once you see how good it looks, you will go caulking nuts!  It takes just a little time to do this step, but it puts a finishing touch to make it the perfect bath or kitchen.  Grab that caulk gun and go!  Not handy? No problem!  I have an excellent referral for you.  Give me a call!