Are you a victim of cabinet clutter?  Have stuff in your kitchen cabinets and under your sink in your master from 1962?  That’s the date on the love letters in the best country song of all time.  “He had underlined in red every single I love you.”  I digress….. time to pull that stuff out and get rid of it.  Wipe those cabinets out and put a fresh coat of paint if they are painted.  If stained, use Murphy’s wood soap to wipe them down.  Cabinets should not look over stuffed.   It makes them seem small. Yes, buyers open your cabinets and closets and look inside.  Horrors!  It’s true, I’ve seen it. They don’t want to see your stuff, they are looking at how much of their stuff they can store there!   Yep, I did all this when I sold.  You can too!