Curb Appeal-First Impressions Count!

Some people will do a drive by before they decide if they want to see the inside of a home.  Considering that, how would your house stand up? Bushes should be 12-18 inches off the house, that comes back in the inspection report a lot.  Trim them down so they don’t look like they have been there for 20 years.  Bushes that are too big date/block the house. Make sure the lawn is mowed, edged and blown, leaves are picked up and pine straw or mulch is thick and fresh.  You will need some seasonal color (meaning flowers).  Not good at lawn care?  Ask me, I have gifted, reliable and reasonable folks to refer you to.  Don’t forget the front porch/walk should be power washed.  Fresh paint on the front door and woodwork make a good impression.  Cobwebs, rotten wood and mold, not so much.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s ok. You go in through the garage.  No sweat!  Just fix it.