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Staging Tips Bring Top Dollar-Tip One

I am surprised when folks planning to list don’t know whereto start with getting ready. Let me helpyou with that. Most people live in theirhouse for years, carrying in more and more stuff, always adding and neverremoving. The first thing all potentialhome sellers must do is declutter. Yuck,you say, that’s no fun. Well my friend,it’s a necessary evil. I can’t tell youthe houses that I preview where you can’t see the size of the rooms because ofthe distracting clutter. If you don’tlove it or use it, get rid of it. If youhave a hard time letting go, box it up and store it. You absolutely must do this, it is not anoption. I know you want top dollar. This is step one to getting there. Get off the couch and start shoveling!

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